ECOTOP Laboratory

Specialized research and testing laboratory for innovation.

From 1999 onwards, ECOTOP production is certified by ISO 9001 in association with Lloyd ' s Register Quality Assurance Limited-England.
The high quality of the output of ECOTOP is guaranteed by corporate research and testing laboratory, also certified by ISO 9001. From the beginning of 2009 ECOTOP has the latest version of the ISO certificate 9001:2008.

The laboratory has stationary test stands as follows:
• Dynamometer for testing boilers burning gas, oil and solid fuel;
• Test of heat exchange devices;
• Test of convective heating units;
• Dynamometer for testing solar collectors;
• Dynamometer for testing of fans;
• Dynamometer for testing silencers;
• Test of filter materials and filters.

Photo: Filter equipment and filters stand.

The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment, allowing a wide range of scientific and innovative research as well as certification tests of regular production.