ECOTOP Learning Center


Over the years ECOTOP has proved to be an incubator for business executives. We have trained workers for production, installation as well as technicians and engineers. A remarkable number of engineers today have their own business in the area, thanks to ECOTOP.
In the laboratory, production workshops and premises of ECOTOP have so far passed over 2000 students on HVAC and over 500 students from specialized technical schools (Colleges).
The teaching centre together with the research laboratory are located in the production plant of ECOTOP in Lokorsko district.
Courses held there are as follows:
• Locksmith's trade, welding, soldering and installation – for workers;
• Design, marketing, engineering, innovation – for engineers.

ECOTOP at its own expense arranges training of specialists in Italy, Spain and Germany. Our training centre is integrated with our partners in Italy, Spain and Germany.
We also train external participants for a fee – from enterprises, design units and companies.