ECOTOP Production

Patented products produced by Business-group ECOTOP

  • Electric boilers;
  • Diesel oil and oil boilers;
  • Solid fuel boilers;
  • Recuperators;
  • Regenerators;
  • Heat exchangers;
  • Plate heat exchangers;
  • Combined and electric boilers for domestic hot water;
  • Oil accessories;
  • Bare tube radiators;
  • Hot air devices;
  • Tanks and receivers.
  • Solar collectors;
  • Solar systems for domestic hot water, incl. solar collector, combined boiler and automatic control
  • Plate heat exchangers;
  • Combined boilers for domestic hot water;
  • Hot water accumulators;;
  • Drying chambers, etc.
  • Combined stepwise filters for dry air and gas purification;
  • Combined stepwise filters for wet dust and gas cleaning;
  • Combined system for flue gases purification;
  • Combined kitchen suckers;
  • Local suckers;
  • All kind of aerosol filters;
  • Filters with activated carbon;
  • Automatic drum filters for aerosols;
  • Scoring (creasing)filters;
  • Cassette filters;
  • Special bag filters, etc.
  • Hot air devices;
  • Air distribution units;
  • Anemometers;
  • Fabric and flexible air ducts;
  • Air ducts and components;
  • Ducts heat insulation;
  • Silencers;
  • Filters (paper, metal, bag, drum);
  • Filtering materials acc.to EN and DIN – from EU 1 to EU 16
  • Equipment for vent and air conditioning chambers..

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